Mulch Types

Pine Needle Mulch

Pine Needle Mulch

There are different alternatives for you if you want to create a mulching cover in your garden. Each type has its own pros and cons. One of the best types available in the pine needle mulch. At some point, the pine trees shed their leaves naturally and therefore they are called the pine straws or needles. The pine needles or straws are then used as mulch. Pine needles come in different types and sizes including mainly the longleaf, slash, and loblolly. Longleaf needle has an average length of fourteen inches. Loblolly pine straws, as well as the slashes, have an average length of nine inches.

The three types are the most widely used in creating the mulch. However there are other kinds of needles with different sizes. The gardeners who live along the east coast and southern Gulf coast have used pine needle mulch for over twenty years now. How pine straw mulch can be described:

The best thickness to ensure when laying your pine straw mulch should be about two-point-five to three inches. Sometimes some people will make depth about five to six inches and they are often correct. The deeper you make it the better it will become in terms of weed reduction and water retention. You should, of course, leave a space to allow air to circulate freely. Doing this also protects the plants from harmful insects because they have limited routes.

You only have to set aside money to have the bales shipped for you. Many companies operating online are reputable. So you should not worry about ordering your bales online. Pine needle mulch is easy to make using bales. The bales come in different sizes, shapes and have different quantities of straw. Round Bales are typically about eighteen inches in diameter and twenty-eight inches tall. They generally weigh about forty pounds. You can also go for square-shaped bales with different sizes. If you buy machine-compressed bales, you will be lucky because it has more straws.

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